What Services are offered and how?

In what ways and in what areas could hypnosis benefit me?

There are so many areas that we would need a lot of space to express them. However, very briefly I will provide you with a list.

  • Improvement of self-respect, self-esteem and self-value.
  • Eliminating of phobias and feelings of insecurity and timidity.
  • Controlling obsessive-compulsive behaviors.
  • Setting up goals and finding means to achieve them.
  • Fighting of stress, insomnia, persistent headaches and migraines.
  • Improvement of determination with the installment of positive motives.
  • In some cases problems with allergies, stuttering, skin diseases, or, tics could be coped with.
  • Improvement of sex life.
  • Reconciliation with the reality of death and support of our fellows at their loss.
  • The most basic thing is to restructure and reevaluate our life’s course.

The list is not exhaustive… What we have to consider here is that hypnosis is not a panacea. It’s success relies on our own active participation. We have to contribute actively with all our resources to achieve the desired effect. To set things straight, hypnosis is not a pill. We are solely responsible for what we experience and it is our stance that will make the difference.

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