Nassos Komianos on the radioshow Midnight in the Desert.

Being a guest of the radio show “Midnight in the Desert” with Heather Wade as the host. It is a webradio show that has invited in the past such distinguished and prominent guests as Michio Kaku, Uri Geller, Dean Radin, Edwin May, Dannion Brinkley, Joe McMoneagle, Dennis McKenna, Stephan Schwartz, Gary Schwartz, Jeffrey Mishlove, Jeffrey Long, among many others.

After my relatively recent BBC 4 interview now comes this invitation. Name it what you will, I find this as a recognition of my work, insights and contribution to the study and the understanding of consciousness and the paranormal.
The main focus of this three hour interview will be the Chronicles from the Future a mind bending story that I think is the most exceptional “paranormal” experience ever recorded.