Books that will change your life.

Here I will provide some of the books that I think are very useful. As you may have understood in our field of work we are at the borderline of scientific endeavour and are looked upon with contempt by the establishment.
Splendid scientists who deal with Altered States of Consciousness, Transpersonal Psychology, Past Life Regressions, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), survival of consciousness, reports of children who remember their former incarnation and so on. All this scientists have exposed or endangered their professional status by publishing their findings. Sooner or later, this growing of incoming information will flood the conservative scientific establishment like a tsunami and it will substantiate the need for a pardigm shift. Whether this will happen or not I’m not in the position to know.
So here you will find a wealth of books to study for years…

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